Cutaway Schematic of Block-1 Daedalus Starship
The warp reactor in Shumar's Daedalus prototype almost occupied the entire engineering hull. By the time Starfleet began regular production of the Daedalus Class starships (designated Block-1), the size of the reactor had been reduced by approximately 50%. This allowed the installation of a diverse complement of equipment, weapons, shuttle pods and additional crew quarters. This made the Daedalus vessels not only the fastest Earth ships but also the best-equipped starships during the Romulan War.

After the war, the speed and versatility of the Daedalus starships made them the perfect choice as the Federation's first exploration vessels. During the "Horizon Refit" and subsequent construction of the Block-2 ships, reactor size was reduced an additional 15%. When the Daedalus starship were decommissioned in 2196, several were fitted with more advanced compact warp reactors that were less than 10% the size of the reactors in Shumar's prototype. With the resulting space, these vessels were recommissioned as deep space freighters and served well into the 23rd Century.

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